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Account of Col. Mario Jahn raises possibility that Pinochet presided over November 1975 founding meeting of Condor.

Documents obtained in Chile
Air Force Col. Mario Jahn was deputy director of DINA, in charge of the "Exterior Directorate." He was given the task of traveling to prospective Condor member countries and personally delivering invitations to join Condor and attend its founding meeting in Santiago, all expenses paid by the Pinochet government. The documents below are two sworn declarations he made to Judge Juan Guzman in connection with Operation Condor, on August 27 and December 3, 2003. Jahn describes his role in organizing the meeting, attending its opening session, and names several officers to whom he delivered the invitations: general Joao Baptista Figueiredo, chief of intelligence of Brazil, and Paraguayan Army Col. Benito Guanes. He also states he delivered invitations to intelligence officers of Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina.

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