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John Dinges

Reporter, author, correspondent for many years in Latin America, John Dinges is the author of three books on Latin America, the most recent of which is The Condor Years: How Pinochet and his Allies Brought Terrorism to Three Continents, The New Press 2004, 2005. En español Operación Cóndor: Una Década de Terrorismo Internacional en el Cono Sur (Ediciones B 2004).
Currently, he is professor of journalism at Columbia University. He is co-founder of the Centro de Investigación e Información Periodística (CIPER), Santiago, Chile, which began operation in May 2007, and executive director of the non-profit Center for Investigation and Information (CIINFO).

John Dinges arrived in Chile in 1972--covering the final year of the country's failed attempt to forge a "peaceful road to Socialism." He witnessed the military coup that overthrew the government of President Salvador Allende, and remained for the first five years of the Pinochet dictatorship. He was one of the few American journalists to reside in Chile during the most violent period of military government. He was special correspondent (stringer) for Time, The Washington Post, and ABC Radio. With a group of Chilean journalists he co-founded the Chilean magazine APSI. After returning to Washington DC in 1978, he worked on the foreign desk of The Washington Post, traveling as a reporter to cover the civil wars in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. From 1985 to 1996 he worked at National Public Radio as foreign editor, managing editor, and editorial director. Since 1996 he has been on the tenured faculty of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where is director of radio.

John Dinges’s latest book is The Condor Years: How Pinochet and his Allies Brought Terrorism to Three Continents, The New Press 2003. His other books include: Assassination on Embassy Row (Pantheon 1980), with Saul Landau; Our Man in Panama (Random House 1990); Sound Reporting: The NPR Guide to Radio Reporting and Production (editor), and Independence and Integrity (editor). Order The Condor Years. Order other books by John Dinges
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