Secret Documents/ Los documentos secretos del archivo “Cóndor” de John Dinges

1. Founding documents of Operation Condor. La “Acta de Clausura” de la reunion fundadora del “Sistema Cóndor”.

2. Account of participant in founding meeting of Condor. Air Force Col. Mario Jahn, in two declarations to an investigative judge, raises possibility that Pinochet presided over the meeting, and he names Brazilian General Joao Baptiste Figueiredo, who later became president of Brazil, as receiving an invitation to the meeting.

3. 22,000 killed in Argentina. Argentina’s Army Intelligence Service (SIE: Servicio de Inteligencia de Ejercito, also known as Batallon de Inteligencia 601) provided its own calculation of the number of people its agents had killed between 1975 and 1978. This document is a report of Chile’s agent in Argentina Enrique Arancibia Clavel to his superiors in DINA Santiago. The relevant page is provided here. Dinges Archive 760714

4. Using the information from the SIE-601 report, I calculated the numbers killed in each year, comparing the military numbers to the report of CONADEP, the official human rights commission report based on testimony of victims families.
Desapariciones/Asesinatos Masivos en Argentina: Cálculos de CONADEP y del Batallón de Inteligencia 601, 1973-1983

5. Peru is member of Condor. Peru: miembro de Cóndor

6. KGB Fabrication. A Document purporting to be letter from Contreras to Pinochet asking for $600,000 for the “neutralization” of exiled opposition leaders. The document, dated September 15, 1975, has an authentic looking signature of DINA chief Manuel Contreras, but was later revealed to be a KGB forgery. The document first surfaced in Mexico in 1977 (El Sol de Mexico, February 3, 1977), where I obtained it, and has been widely accepted as authentic in press accounts and books.

John Dinges

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