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Operación Cóndor:
Una Década de Terrorismo Internacional en el Cono Sur
(Ediciones B noviembre de 2004)

Presentación en Santiago 7-12 de noviembre de 2004
contacto: Maria Elena Ansieta o Andrea Palet, Ediciones B
56 2 632 0581

"John Dinges lanza 'libro definitivo' sobre la alianza del terror
'La Operación Cóndor prueba que la represión era una política de Estado'

En medio del impacto del reconocimiento del jefe del Ejército, Juan Emilio Cheyre, de que en las violaciones a los DDHH en Chile hubo responsabilidad institucional de su fuerza, el periodista norteamericano lanza una investigación que confirma que el plan internacional comenzó en Santiago."
Por Roberto Careaga Catenacci
El Mostrador, Chile

*Las Revelaciones Más Impresionantes de Operación Cóndor

*Noticias de casos judiciales relacionados a Operación Cóndor en España, Italia, Francia, Argentina y Chile (Ingles y Español)

* Libros recomendados

Operación Cóndor: El Plan que volvió contra Pinochet y sus aliados,
por John Dinges, Siete Mas 7, 4 de Junio, 2004.

John Dinges, Operación Cóndor: Una Década de Terrorismo Internacional en el Cono Sur (Ediciones B 2004).

La edición en español fue presentado por el autor durante la 24ta Feria Internacional del Libro de Santiago, Chile, 7 de Noviembre, en la Estación Mapocho, con la asistencia de más de doscientas personas y las panelistas Mónica Gonzalez, editor general, revista Siete Más Siete, Nelson Caucoto, abogado de derechos humanos.

Distribucion en America Latina y España por Ediciones B. Traducciones a Frances y Portugues en curso.

"Kissinger explained his opinion that the Government of Argentina had done an outstanding job in wiping out terrorist forces." --State Department cable, 1978.

This is the underground history of the international Dirty Wars by U.S. allies in South America. It is the first "War on Terrorism" and the parallels to the current wars are a cautionary tale. For much of a decade, six allied military governments engaged in secret warfare intended to wipe out their enemies, kidnapping and murdering up to 30,000 people. At the initiative of Chilean president General Augusto Pinochet, and with initial encouragement from the CIA, they set up a multinational terrorist organization, Operation Condor, to pursue those who escaped to other Latin American countries, Europe and the United States. Award-winning journalist John Dinges, using newly available U.S. documents and the dictatorships' own files, tells this gripping story from the point of view of those who have tried to keep it secret. He dispassionately lays bare the true extent of U.S. complicity in the crimes of the dictators who called the United States "the leader." Revolutionaries, intelligence operatives, U.S. officials--many speaking for the first time--recount the brutal struggle between Condor and its enemies. Revelations in the book include the never before told story of U.S. intelligence lapses that detected, but failed to prevent an assassination by our anticommunist allies in Washington, DC.

Now, after decades of relentless pursuit, investigators and judges are using the international trail of Condor’s crimes to reverse the impunity the generals have enjoyed for so long, starting with Pinochet’s own arrest in London. The still-ongoing Condor prosecutions are changing international human rights law forever.

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Prensa sobre Operación Cóndor:

10/11/04 El Mostrador (Chile): "John Dinges lanza 'libro definitivo' sobre la alianza del terror"

9/11/04 La Tercera (Chile): "Libro revela génesis en Chile de la Operación Cóndor"

La Republica (Peru): "Polemico libro de John Dinges

revelado: Pinochet Consultó Kissinger Para un Ataque al Peru


Seymour Hersh: periodista de investigacion, revista New Yorker:

"Nadie sabe que pasó dentro de Chile como John Dinges, y nadie se ha metido dentro de la operacion Estadounidense como el ha hecho".

Crítica en inglés

Toronto Now: CRUEL CONDOR "Dinges writes that echoes of the Condor campaign reverberate today in the massive pooling of intelligence, the compromised intelligence relationships, the gleaning of information from the torture centres run by U.S. allies and even cross-border targeting for assassinations."

The Miami Herald:
John Dinges lifts the lid on Operation Condor in this compelling and shocking account… As Dinges reveals, Condor was far more sinister than once thought. "As a secret treaty," he says, "Condor elevated human rights crimes to the highest level of state policy, under the direct control and manipulation of the heads of state and ministers of government." And he backs it up.

San Francisco Chronicle: "Dinges is able to go into remarkable detail in exposing the actions of both the opposition groups and the military strongmen who battled them."

The Washington Post: "Dinges assembles a scrupulous, well-documented and indignant prosecutor's brief, all the more arresting for its judiciousness and restraint."

Foreign Affairs: "This is a remarkable book and a major contribution to the historical record."

Publishers Weekly: "Soon enough ... vivid stories and details emerge: double agents, the euphemisms of the spy trade (e.g. "wet work" for assassinations, bumbling murderers and rebels, and cynical U.S. diplomats. Dinges's meticulously documented study is a cautionary tale for today's war on terror..."